About us

Global Screening is a full-service provider of professional screening services.

We are a dedicated facilitator in one of the most important phases in the recruitment, whether you should employ directly or hire through an agency. Briefly, our role is to collect and document the facts, so that our clients can make smarter choices in due time.

Global Screening focuses on transparent and open processes. We follow recognized international standards for implementation, and local laws for data processing, security and privacy.

Everything is done with the consent of and in cooperation with the candidate. This way, we are confident that they experience an orderly and efficient process. Read more about our process here.


Our employees are of several nationalities and speak many languages. They will of course have a “taste of their own medicine” and undergo a thorough background check before hiring. Only thus can we even be 100% independent and impartial.

Let us show how Global Screening can give your business a safer 2016…